CarboSwap Whitepaper

Turtlelist and Carbolist

Whitelist perks and information

Getting a rank

Getting a Carbolist rank was easy for the first few weeks but now that most of the seats have been claimed, one needs to show commitment and provide remarkable efforts to get in. When it comes to a Turtlelist rank, one can only wish he's lucky enough to win it through a giveaway or a special event.
Therefore a Turtlelist is a lot more valuable than a Carbolist, the benefits behave accordingly.

Carbolist perks

We want to reward properly Carbolist members for their efforts and their engagement with CarboSwap at such an early stage. Here are the benefits you get for being among them:
  • They get a 3 month 2.5% increase on all their CARBO rewards from both the Turtle Pools and the Turtle Farms (their size in the pool is artificially increased).
  • 24 hour early access to our DAPP, allowing them to acquaint themselves with the user interface and potentially stake tokens purchased during ICO in the Turtle Pool. This allows them to take advantage of great rewards for a whole day before public launch.
  • Eligibility for a native token airdrop once CarboSwap is well-established (airdrop won't come out of the blue, just a fair distribution of protocol revenue and fees)
To get these rewards, Carbolist members will have to submit their wallet address and more particularly the one that they're planning to use CarboSwap with.

Turtlelist benefits

As mentioned earlier, having a Turtlelist relies on your luck. This is what you get for having it:
  • A lifetime 3.75% increase of CARBO token rewards through staking and farming.
  • A 24h early access to our DAPP and a fairdrop of 1 APT worth of $CARBO tokens postlaunch.
  • A Whitelist to our limited NFT collection that will give exclusive perks to its holders. This collection should go live before the end of 2022 (freemint).
Much like Carbolist, Turtlelist members will have to submit their wallet address to take advantage of these benefits.

Carbolist and Turtlelist members will also be able to take part in an ICO

Having one of these ranks will allow you to be part of a fundraising campaign entierly dedicated to CarboSwap tokens liquidity. In exchange, participants will receive some of our native tokens for a fixed price (public launch price) and can stake these tokens 24 hours in advance.
ICO's hardcap is fixed at 6'464 APT, and will last for 24 hours. Turtlelist members can purchase tokens up to 60% of hardcap (3'878.4 APT). Their maximum participation is 212.1 APT per registered wallet allowing every single Turtlelist member decide whether they want to purchase tokens or not. Carbolisted members will be able to purchase what's left of the ICO supply (2 585,6 APT worth of tokens). From there on, maximum participation is 101 APT per user and ICO becomes a first come, first served basis.
Participants can claim their tokens once the ICO is over but these tokens remain vested for a week after public launch to fight against strong selling pressure. In the meantime these tokens can be staked.
Even though they can't be traded, participants remain liquid thanks to our very own presale mechanism.